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2014 Cowley Literary Award

Comprising two sections, fiction and non-fiction, the Cowley Literary Award will have no subject theme. It is for writers to decide their subject. Your ideas. Your sources. We just want quality stories.

  • 2014 CLA has closed for entry.
  • Stories to be a maximum of 1, 000 words.
  • Sections for Fiction and Non-Fiction.
  • Entry fee $25 per story.
  • Best Story increased to $5, 000AUD - Runner Up $1, 000AUD.
  • 36 Finalists - 6 selected monthly (3 from each section) over 6 months.
  • 1st Finalists selected at the end of January 2014

Cowley Literary Award

is now on.

2014 Cowley Literary Award Finalists so far.


  1. Bobbie Allen - 'A Fine Amount of Mastery'
  2. Colleen Kerr - 'Cumulus'
  3. Chris Stanley - 'Sometimes'
  4. Dawn Markowitsch - 'Vegemite Toast with Romeo'
  5. Eileen Herbert-Goodall - 'Last Rites'
  6. Garry Hurle - 'The Red Back Spider'
  7. Hazel Cotton - 'Miracle'
  8. Jenny Toune - 'Can't Say No to a Dying Man'
  9. John Jenkins - 'The Red One'
  10. Mark Furness - 'Tom's Taxi'
  11. Rebecca Lupton - 'Lavender Farmer'
  12. Robert Hollingworth - 'Strangers in the Park'
  13. Robyn McCann - 'Advent'
  14. Robyn Mundy - 'In The Mood'
  15. Susan Cornford - 'Backstage'

Non Fiction

  1. Barry Divola - 'Free of the Earth
  2. Brad Kyle - 'A Long Walk With My Father'
  3. Elizabeth Craig - 'Whispering Wind'
  4. Elizabeth Pittman - 'Charlie and His Chequered Career'
  5. Faye McLeod - 'Paucity'
  6. Faye McLeod - 'The Birth of Innocence'
  7. Jenna Gallina - 'I'm Not Depressed, I Just Hate You'
  8. Jennifer Porter - 'Face'
  9. Jolyon Zentner - 'Dear Harry'
  10. Kasey Scouller - 'Gifted'
  11. Lisa Watts - 'Mills and Boon - A Tribute'
  12. Michelle Brock - 'Sewing Lessons'
  13. Nina-Marie Butler - 'Inner Musings of a Funny Looking Kid'
  14. Ruth Clare - 'Lucky Escape'
  15. Ryan Heffernan - 'Monorail Dreaming'
  16. Sheldon Ha - 'It All Started With a Blank Piece of Paper'
  17. Susan Cornford - 'My Life as a Noir Short Story'
  18. Val Clark - 'Dread'

The 2014 Cowley Award Judges

Nicole Alexander

Jacqueline Winn

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Achievement: Noah won first place in Kentucky's 2014 Letters About Literature writing contest for level 2, grades 7 and 8. He was the only local student to win an award this year.


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