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Bring YOUR BIG Idea To Life! We know you have some really great BIG Ideas about making the world a better place! Maybe you have a BIG Idea (or a small idea with BIG potential) that you've been thinking about? Now is your chance to put that Big idea into action. Click to learn more.

Recognize student achievement in the visual arts and creative writing. This year, the Alliance and its 81 Regional Affiliates will review more than 140, 000 submissions of art and writing by creative teenagers from across the country.

Kids Are Authors is an annual competition open to Grades K–8 and is designed to encourage students to use their reading, writing, and artistic skills to create their own books. The winning books will be published by Scholastic and sold at Book Fairs throughout the country.

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Achiever | Noah Bunch wins writing contest  — The Courier-Journal
Achievement: Noah won first place in Kentucky's 2014 Letters About Literature writing contest for level 2, grades 7 and 8. He was the only local student to win an award this year.