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Helen Iles, SWW, Marathon WritingBy

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On Your Mark Get Set, Write

The annual Marathon Writing Competition run by the Society of Women Writers WA this year will be on Saturday 22 March.

The competition will run from 9.30am to 4pm at the Citiplace Community Centre in the Perth Railway Station Concourse. Participants will be given a series of writing prompts by Helen Iles, prize-winning author and poet, publisher and editor.

Helen Isles, SWW, Marathon Writing Competition

Helen Iles, SWW President and Author (Photo courtesy of SWW)

Helen, who is also the President of the Society of Women Writers WA, says "The objective is to unlock your creativity and get first draft words on the page, rather than polished stories".There will be ten challenges, each lasting 25 minutes, with awards for the longest pieces produced in the nominated time blocks. The overall winner will receive a trophy.

Judith Huang, Winner of the 2013 Competition (Photo courtesy of SWW)

Why? Do you need inspiration to ignite your creativity? This might be it.

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How do I enter the Creative Writing competition?

You can email your Garden Party themed stories to by end of the month.