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Random House’s commitment to individuality and artistic expression is at the heart of our company philosophy, and also guides many of our corporate philanthropic activities. The Creative Writing Competition is an initiative that encourages students in New York City’s public high schools to give a voice to their creative talents.

Since 1994, more than two million dollars have been awarded by Random House’s Competition to students and their schools for original works in many genres: poetry, memoir, fiction, drama, and graphic novel. In addition, the program brings together New York City educators, community leaders, authors, and industry professionals to inspire, guide, read, judge, and celebrate thousands of young writers discovering their own unique voices.

Last month, the Random House Foundation, Inc.Creative Writing Competition awarded almost $100, 000 in scholarships to fifty-nine New York City public high school seniors. The awards ceremony included dramatic readings, spoken-word poetry, and graphic novel presentations from top winners, including the recipients of $10, 000 scholarships.

Authors involved in the Random House Foundation, Inc. Creative Writing Program this year included Christopher Paolini, R. J. Palacio, Jennifer Close, Tony Danza, Erin Gruwell, Lauren Kate, and Matt de la Peña.

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Do i need to be careful about paying money to a random writing competition online?

i want to enter a story into a writing competition online. to do this i need to pay £3 entry fee via paypal. Im slightly worried about entering something dodgy and having loads of money nicked off my account. am i worrying needlessly? also whats to stop anyone from stealing my story? is there any way i can tell if a site is official etc or not?

They can't take more money from your PayPal site than you give them, assuming you do it through the genuine PayPal site (https:// and not some sort of spoof phishing site that they've set up.
However it definitely sounds like a scam of some sort, or possibly an illegal lottery thinly disguised as a "competition".
If it was a genuine competition they wouldn't be charging you just to enter - that's bullsh*t! As it stands they'll probably just take your £3 and you'll never hear from them again.

What do you think of this random creative writing?!?

I really like it for what it is, but if I knew what she was actually thinking, or why this stuff was happening, the emotional slam on the reader would be multiplied 5x.
Excellent for random creative writing! just add more thoughts, more explanation behind what's going on, and maybe even some dialogue.