Writing Contests Childrens stories

Cynthia Leitich Smith’s website noted above is a great resource for state-by-state. Since the majority of contests are copyright deadline based, even before your book is published you need to educate yourself as to what contest is the most reputable and the best fit for your particular book. Do your homework and double check the submission guidelines (they do change from time to time just as publisher submission guidelines). Don’t come across as an amateur, research and confirm submission guidelines before submitting. What to look for: topic, copyright year, state of residency, country, etc. Create an Excel spreadsheet for tracking purposes:
  • · Contest Name
  • · Contact Info
  • · Deadline Date
  • · Date Submitted
  • · Winners Announced By
  • · Accepted
  • · Rejected
  • · Comments

Of course, adjust the form to your personal needs. I set deadline reminders 30 days prior to the actual deadline on my Outlook Task Reminder. Don’t feel as if you need to “reinvent the wheel” in creating your Excel spreadsheet, if you are interested I’d be delighted to email you my blank tracking form. Please feel Please mention where you read my article and put “Children’s Book Contests Excel Spreadsheet” in the subject line.

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