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February’s Theme: Urban Legends

Found in a Bottle is themed monthly fiction contest that will be held by What Weekly Magazine. The contest’s name is a direct reference to Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “MS. Found in a Bottle” which was first published by the Baltimore Sunday Visiter – a weekly periodical that was founded in Baltimore (1832). Poe’s submission was awarded a fifty dollar prize and was selected on the basis of having, “vigorous and poetical imagination, a rich style, a fertile invention, and varied and curious learning.” These highlighted qualities are the traits that any submitted story should possess, and the reward for excellent writing will be a fifty dollar prize. This prize is sponsored by our wonderful friends and contributors at .

Please consult additional submission guidelines below:

Places&SpacesAdhere to the theme! Submitted stories that are off topic will be rejected on the basis of the writer demonstrating a failure in reading comprehension. This month’s them is Urban Legends.

Size matters. We don’t care about how long and satisfying your story is. At Found in a Bottle we’re in the market for short, capable fiction (2-3 pages, double spaced, size 12 font)

Content. We exercise the right to stop reading your story at any point. If, for some reason, you elected to spend your three pages detailing how Batman saved your wedlock child from a machine designed to reincarnate the penises of dead presidents, we ask that you don’t send it to us.

Grammar. Punctuation is important. Very few writers are able to get away with publishing stories that are void of grammar. If your story reads like a five year old describing what they want for Christmas, we ask that you don’t submit said story. We don’t have the time/interest in editing your work.

Details. The theme will be announced at the start of each month. A story will be published each month. Deadlines will be detailed when the column launches. For this month the theme is: Urban Legends

Feedback. There will be no feedback given to submissions. Only winners will be contacted.

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