Story Writing Contests India

Are you a fan of Sudha Murty’s? If you are, then over the years you will have enjoyed her numerous stories about people she has met in the course of her work.

If you have a real-life story that warms the heart and inspires people, or one which captures the hope, faith, kindness and joy that life is full of, all you have to do is write it interestingly and send it to us.

Penguin’s editors and Sudha Murty will shortlist and handpick the top 20. Then these will be published in a collection by Penguin Books India, edited by Sudha Murty.

Read the terms & conditions and submit your story here (1500-3000 words)

Submission Guidelines

  • The stories must be real-life stories, not fiction.
  • They can be about the person writing them, or about a relative or a friend or someone they personally know – but not about a public figure. If it’s about someone other than themselves, they must have permission from the person who they are writing about.

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