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Michaela Geib for her Short Story “Sylph Discovery”

Michaela Geib is on her rise to senior power. Currently a junior at Grissom High School, she eagerly awaits the opportunity to reign as an all-powerful senior. During her years as an underclassmen she learned the power of writing, and what she can do with it.

Born in Missouri, Michaela’s childhood was often spent with just her family. She doesn’t think that the lack of social aptitude at that young age will hinder her future as a Grissom High school senior.

Michaela GeibOne month after Michaela turned 13 her family moved to the grand state of Alabama, where she prepares for her senior reign, but hopes to become a fire-fighter.

Michaela came up with the idea of “Sylph Discovery” when she was in her literary magazine class and the question “what if there was someone on the other side to help the lost souls, ” popped into her head and she began working on the story.

Miranda Shapiro for her Short Story “The Russian Swans”

Miranda Shapiro is a 10TH grade homeschool student through the Asbury School in Madison, Alabama, and is dual enrolled at UAHuntsville. She enjoys reading, piano, singing, and painting, and wants to teach “something” in the Humanities area at the college level one day.

This summer she has a scholarship through the State Department’s National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) to continue her studies of Russian at Kazan Federated University for seven weeks.

Miranda ShapiroMiranda wrote the first part of “The Russian Swans” while watching the figure skating in this year’s Winter Olympics. However, her main inspiration was her own frustration at having to quit figure skating due to medical reasons when she was younger. It was always something she loved doing more than anything else She has only recently been able to take lessons again. She was inspired by the novel, Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Paterson, about two sisters, one of whom is favored by their parents and is given the opportunity to pursue her dreams, while the other is not.

Miranda would like to thank her family for their support, and for giving her so many wonderful opportunities throughout the years.

Emma Stowe for her short story “Funambulist”

Emma Stowe is a freshman at Huntsville High School in Huntsville, Alabama. Along with writing, she enjoys running, reading, and playing violin and ukulele. She won Mrs. P’s Be-A-Famous-Writer Contest in 2011.

Her ideas for “Funambulist” came from various places, from her math teacher to an origami crane she was given at a summer camp, to a tightrope walker she saw during a run at cross country practice. In addition, Emma’s brobdingnagian fascination with the word “funambulist, ” (and other big words like brobdingnagian) inspired the story. While searching for the perfect words for “Funambulist, ” she often remembered the Mark Twain quote, “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”

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