Gospel music Writing Contest

We are excited to finally announce the featured judges for the 2014 Singing News / Solid Gospel Songwriting Contest - where we’re inviting songwriters everywhere to "write one of 2015’s best new songs!" Our submission round judges will be, , , and our very own .

As of the publish date of this article we are currently within the early submission period where you can save money on your song entries until September 1, 2014. Another added bonus to this year’s competition is the ability to submit an online or digital entry - an option which will be discounted throughout the entire contest!

Before, , and judge and vote on their Grand Prize winning songs, the following judges will be pouring over your entries to see which ones will make the final cut:

| Rebecca Peck is a three-time BMI Award winning, Dove Award nominated songwriter who began her professional writing career in Painesville, Ohio. Since her first cuts in 1991, she has been blessed with hundreds of cuts, seven #1 songs to her credit and several Top 10 songs. She has performed at the GMA writer showcase as well as other industry writer events and has been a keynote speaker for the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI)… [ more ]

| Kenna Turner West’s career in gospel music began in 1983 when, as a new Believer, the eighteen year-old joined the nine-time Grammy Award-winning Blackwood Brothers. (*The Blackwood Brothers were inducted into the GMA Hall of Fame in 1998, placing Kenna and her father, Ken, alongside gospel music legends James Blackwood and J.D. Sumner as fellow Blackwood alumni.) Over twenty-five years later, God has continued to open doors for Kenna to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the nation and around the world, alongside Christian leaders such as Franklin Graham and Dr. Jerry Falwell, at venues ranging from The Pentagon to NASCAR chapels to the local church… [ more ]

| Known best as writer of the gospel music standard "The Lighthouse, " which won the coveted Dove and Fan Award for Song of the Year in 1972, Ronny Hinson has traveled for 44 years singing to some of the largest crowds ever to hear gospel music. He was the first to bring gospel music to New York’s famous Carnegie Hall, singing to a sell out crowd. Ronny and the Hinsons appeared as regulars for seven years on the famous Gospel Singing Jubilee, appeared on the P.T.L. Club, Pop Goes the Country, the world famous Grand Ole Opry, and the Gaither videos… [ more ]

| This is Les' 36th year in Southern Gospel Radio. He has been a columnist for Homecoming Magazine and currently works for Solid Gospel Radio and Singing News Magazine. Les also hosts Harmony Road, a TV show broadcast to 70 million homes on the Heartland Network, DRTV, Dish Network, NRB Network, and others.

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Anyone know of online song writing contests where you sing the lyrics, without background music?

Also, please include the link and please make sure that it is free to enter. Thank you!

Im not sure about the without background music, but there are a lot of song writing contests. Great site,and its all free. Good luck.

Why don't American Idol or The Voice contestants write their music?

In reality most Stars wrote their music or use to anyways and through a competition should they be judged on their lyrics ?

Because there is enough pressure on them as it is. The show is only a judge of the voice, and writing the lyrics would take too long to not only create but also memorize. Plus they would need to come up with a tune, which would take a while. The judges would also have to judge them on the songs they wrote, and that wouldnt be fair because someone could have a better voice than another, but are not as talented when it comes to writing songs.
Aint nobody got time fo dat