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ACM hosted its first annual Christian novel writing contest this last year and is pleased to announce the winners. Both authors are being extended an offer to publish. For details on the second annual 2012 contest, please go here. 2011 semi-finalists.

1st Prize Winner

$1, 000

Shirley ‘Shirl’ Mowat Tucker

for her story, Diamonds in the Dust

Born in the doctor’s bed in a leper colony, Shirl Tucker spent her early years in Zambia. Despite having no access to children’s books, her love of story began with her father who entertained the family with spontaneous stories of animals while travelling long distances on dusty roads. At eight, she moved with her family to Zimbabwe where she eventually became a teacher and told stories of her own. Off on the next leg of her country-hopping life, she moved to South Africa where she met her Canadian husband, Mark. Three wonderful children followed and then another country move – to Canada this time.

2nd Prize Winner

Robert Abernathy

For his story, The Walk to Walden Hill.

Born and raised in rural Alabama, Robert “Coach” Abernathy’s first novel, The Walk to Walden Hill, was born out of the life experiences of a conglomerate of personal relationships with friends, relatives and students as well as his own experiences. A teacher, football coach, wrestling coach, musician, songwriter, outdoor enthusiast, and now-author, Robert, 37, resides in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife, DeeDee and their three children. Updates, future projects and book information can also be accessed on Robert’s new Author Blog:

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