Writers Studio Literary Contest

For the last month–I’ve been putting together another edition of Clover… bigger than ever. Wonderful stories, poetry…it’s been such an amazing journey for me.

I was at dinner with some friends, and one had asked what I had been up to, recently. That afternoon, I had sent volume 5 to Threshold Documents where friend and co-editor Norman L. Green was set to print it. My mind filled with poetry and etched with stories in the action packed, nationally recognized 250 page magazine. I basked in the afterglow of delivery, long hours forgotten. Our beautiful magazine would meet its deadline and it along with all of us at the Independent Writers’ Studio would be at Clover’s launch at the Chuckanut Writers Conference, at Whatcom Community College on June 21, 2013. We made it. I smiled large, then my friend asked, “So do you sell this magazine?”

An oozy sound from my inflated balloon loomed overhead. How come you don’t know we sell it, sell it? OF COURSE WE SELL IT…my eyes got large… then my thoughts turned inward… I really do have to do something about this social media thing. You can’t have a baby and then keep the baby hidden…. This would never do… “Yes, ” I said my voice rose. “At Village Books, in Fairhaven… and at Threshold Documents on North State Street, and of course you can get them from me.”

“And what is the name of the magazine again?” My blank-eyed friend asked.

Jesus, where have you been? Was he kidding–he didn’t know our name? “Clover, A Literary Rag, ” I said it a little too loud. The woman in the next booth turned around.

“It’s really a great magazine, ” I smiled at her. “Over 50 authors, locally made. Nationally known storytellers and poets, and good–no great writers–from here, too, ” my voice escalated.

“Well, isn’t that nice, ” she said. Her dinner date never looked up from his eggrolls.

I looked in disbelief at the party of friends I was with and the woman and man at the next table. “Have you made any money on it?” one of my friends asked.

“Well poetry is not a huge moneymaker, ” I said. “We operate in the black. We’re paying for ourselves.”

She smiled. I ordered another glass of wine.

“Do you read poetry?” I asked the server.

“I do, I write it too. I’m part of a writer’s group at Village Books.”

“Have you ever heard of Clover?” I asked.

“I love that magazine, ” she said. “I listened in to one of the readings at the bookstore. Paul Hunter and James Bertolino–they were great!”

“Can I kiss you?” I asked. She gave me the glass of wine.

I came away from dinner thinking, I have to get the word out about Clover, A Literary Rag. I spent the last month of my life devoted to our latest volume. See why, I think it’s the best ever. We’ll be at the Chuckanut Writers Conference and Clover continues to be on sale at Village books. Watch for our stunning volume 5, June 21st.

And stay tuned for updates.

A new set of groups begins today at the Independent Writers’ Studio. Six groups for $65. Monday’s afternoon group begins at 1 PM. Wednesday and Thursday evenings begin at 7 PM. Join us with your project. January is my favorite time of year to write, and you will be in the company of others whose focus is on completing poems, stories, novels, and memoirs. This is not a traditional setting: it comes with chocolate, coffee. and good humor.

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