Writing prompt Contest

Writing Prompt Contest
My take on the picture's below. It's a scene after my WIP's protag Gemma bargains her way out of captivity and things don't go quite as she'd planned. Good luck, and have fun!

Clouds cut into the air and blur the horizon line, and the mid-morning humidity weighs down her clothes. Escaping should feel better than this- less damp and cloudy, but windier, warmer, clearer.

This is nowhere she recognizes, and Gemma's hands curl up into themselves. Of course. This is just what happens when you bargain with stars, and Bet wouldn't have done it any other way. He's one of them, after all.

She hears the sound before the pain snakes up her arm- the staccato slap of flesh on metal, her palm stinging from where it smacked the yellow fence overlooking the gully. Bet. She'd even nicknamed him, because Betelgeuse was a mouthful. Even now, she can recall his easy smile, dark eyes, the way he shrugged acquiescence when she'd laid out the terms for their trade. He'd seemed so good, and that should have tipped her off from the start.

Gemma leans over the railing and looks down. Brush and woodland debris, a railroad, a factory whose smokestacks reach high enough up to hold the fog in place like a low ceiling. She has eleven dollars in her pocket, a dead phone, and keys to a car and house that may be hundreds of miles away for all she knows.

It's not uncommon for people to come back like this: in the middle of nowhere or stumbling through foreign cities like addicts strung out between fixes. That's just how stars work: they screw you over. Gemma closes her eyes and breathes in the wet air. So what if Bet wasn't any different? She got out. She may have no idea where she is, no easy way home, but she got out, and that's all that matters.

Soon, she will walk down the street to the police officer and ask him for the date, place, and time in her most affable manner. He will look at her over the rims of his dark glasses, like Bet looked at her with his black hole eyes, tell her what she asks for, then mutter aw hell, another bright one when he thinks she's too far to hear.

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How to write a full length novel?

So I've been working on a thriller story for a while now, and the storyline is quite long. There are a lot of plot twists and etc. But it still doesn't seem to be as long as I want it to be. My ultimate aim is 80,000 words, the most common word length among novels. However, I'm about half way through and I'm still only at 13,000 words. How can I make my story longer?

Well, I'm also currently engaged in my first attempt to write a novel, so I can realize your problem because the problem is same here.
But while I revise each chapter after a day or two after writing, I find these things:
1. While writing I was in hurry to complete the events I supposed to tell in that chapter.
2. As I was in hurry, I missed additional details.
My each chapter expands more when I revise it. And now I'm trying to ''be in the situation and enjoy it'' in every chapter I write, rather not merely telling the event.
Here I give you some more tips:
1. Don't expect to ex…

How to write a full novel?

I've had about 3 stories in my head for the past few years.
I know how they go from beginning to end, but I'm having LOTS of trouble actually getting past the outline. I have so much to write but I don't know HOW to write it.
The genres for the stories are 2 Science fiction stories and one Fantasy story. I try and read as much as possible in the two genres but I don't want my writing to be influenced that much by the books I read. (if that makes any sense.)
If anyone has any ideas or know-hows on how to get past this stage. Or if anyone knows anything that could help it would be …

Just start writing. Don't worry about style or method. Just get your outline from an outline to a first draft. Doesn't matter how ugly it is. Get words onto paper. Your outline might be your recipe for the perfect dish, but your first draft is the fridge full of ingredients. No matter how brilliant the recipe, without ingredients you don't have anything.
Once you have your first draft then start worrying about style, description, dialogue, etc. You can always go back and fix something you're not happy with but if you are paralyzed by indecision you will never have a complete novel. No…