Writing Contest full length Novels

At Long Last, a Full-Length

Over the last few months I’ve been gathering the details of as many novel, full length works, short story and poetry writing competitions as I can find, mostly for my own use because I thought I might like to start entering some of them. I’ve been diligently adding them to a spreadsheet as I come across them and it suddenly occurred to me that this might actually make a good subject for my blog too.

Although these competitions are based in the UK many of them are actually open to authors and poets of any nation as long as they are submitted in English, so even if you are from ‘over the water’ they may be worth checking out to see if you are eligible.

I have now made them available for everyone through a separate file hosted on Box.Net. From this file, you’ll see all the competitions I’ve added and be able to follow the links to more information about each one.

I will keep all the details even of those that have now closed (you never know, they may re-run something similar next year!). The exception to this will be the competitions in Writers Magazine and Writers Forums which run every month and so have their own entries here:

Please keep an eye on the closing date …. some of these competitions have already closed! I have also now listed them with the longest entry dates listed first, hopefully that will help you to scoot through the list and find the ones you want to enter easily.

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How to write a full length novel?

So I've been working on a thriller story for a while now, and the storyline is quite long. There are a lot of plot twists and etc. But it still doesn't seem to be as long as I want it to be. My ultimate aim is 80,000 words, the most common word length among novels. However, I'm about half way through and I'm still only at 13,000 words. How can I make my story longer?

Well, I'm also currently engaged in my first attempt to write a novel, so I can realize your problem because the problem is same here.
But while I revise each chapter after a day or two after writing, I find these things:
1. While writing I was in hurry to complete the events I supposed to tell in that chapter.
2. As I was in hurry, I missed additional details.
My each chapter expands more when I revise it. And now I'm trying to ''be in the situation and enjoy it'' in every chapter I write, rather not merely telling the event.
Here I give you some more tips:
1. Don't expect to ex…

How to write a full novel?

I've had about 3 stories in my head for the past few years.
I know how they go from beginning to end, but I'm having LOTS of trouble actually getting past the outline. I have so much to write but I don't know HOW to write it.
The genres for the stories are 2 Science fiction stories and one Fantasy story. I try and read as much as possible in the two genres but I don't want my writing to be influenced that much by the books I read. (if that makes any sense.)
If anyone has any ideas or know-hows on how to get past this stage. Or if anyone knows anything that could help it would be …

Just start writing. Don't worry about style or method. Just get your outline from an outline to a first draft. Doesn't matter how ugly it is. Get words onto paper. Your outline might be your recipe for the perfect dish, but your first draft is the fridge full of ingredients. No matter how brilliant the recipe, without ingredients you don't have anything.
Once you have your first draft then start worrying about style, description, dialogue, etc. You can always go back and fix something you're not happy with but if you are paralyzed by indecision you will never have a complete novel. No…

What are the titles of Ernest Hemingway's full length novels?

The Old Man and the Sea, For Whom the Bell Tolls, A Farewell to Arms, and The Sun Also Rises. on!