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William F. Luxton

Winnipeg Free Press – Partners in Progress

William F. Luxton was founding owner and editor of the Winnipeg Free Press.

From the day the first edition rolled off the presses in 1872, the Winnipeg Free Press has been an integral part of the city and province it serves. It is a position the newspaper is certain to maintain in the new millennium.

Part of the for the Free Press’ success can be attributed to the fact that it is only two years younger than the province of Manitoba, which joined Confederation in 1870, and actually two years older than the City of Winnipeg, which was incorporated in 1874. the result is that the newspaper has been around as long as the community itself, faithfully recording the growth and development of a muddy Prairie settlement at the forks of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers into one of Canada’s leading cities and the capital of a thriving province of more than one million people.

Winnipeg Free Press BuildingIndeed, there is no other major newspaper in Canada that is so closely associated with the hopes, dreams and ambitions of its readers than the Free Press. Over the years, the newspaper has gained a reputation as the province's leading source of news, information and debate about local matters and ideas, as well as Manitoba’s voice on national and international issues.

Sir Clifford Sifton – Western patriarch, federal cabinet minister, and owner of the Free Press at the turn of the century.

It is a reputation that can be traced back to the original owner and editor of the Free Press, W.F. Luxton, and his partner John A. Kenny. Together, these men launched a newspaper that was to grow into a formidable journalistic and commercial force and serve as the linchpin for a national chain of newspapers stretching across much of the country.

With a population of 1, 467, the Winnipeg of 1872 was the largest of several budding communities in Manitoba at a time when the future was as wide open and bright as the blue Prairie sky. Yet its future was by no means assured. By late 1880, the recently incorporated City of Winnipeg found itself in a competition with the nearby communities of Selkirk and Emerson for the new railroad that was being built across the country. After some debate, Winnipeg was eventually selected as the site, forever assuring the community's place as the province's leading city and providing the Free Press with a source of readers that would help make it one of the most important newspapers in the country.

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Can Somone write an article to the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper if they dont have a job there? and how?

Can Somone write an article to the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper if they dont have a job there? and how?

That would depend on the Winnipeg Free Press.
Most newspapers accept short letters to the editor or longer "op-ed" pieces from readers or experts in a given field. Those would be opinion pieces.
But you could talk to the editor about doing a factual report or maybe doing a regular feature. It's called free-lancing. If you're willing to do it for free, your chances are even better.
If you have an axe to grind with the newspaper, I wouldn't expect you to get too far.
A free press belongs to those who own one!

Which is best newspaper winnipeg sun or free press?

I prefer the Free Press, as the sun leans a little too far to the right for my liking.