Free Youth Writing Contests

What :  "Totem Head's 2014 Story Contest"
      Sponsored by Adventure Write Website Design

Who :  The contest is open to US residents under 19 years old.
Note to parents :  If your child cannot write yet, you may type their words for them.

Give a gift and
support our free contest! Goal: $350 to add a 7th prize

Categories :
1. Ages 8 and under
2. Ages 9-10
3. Ages 11-12
4. Ages 13-15
5. Ages 16-18
6. All ages Mystery and Gothic Fiction

When :  Send your entry before 31 Dec 2014.

Prizes :
One winner from each category will receive the following prizes.
1. Publication on
2. $50 cash
3. Certificate of Achievement

Judging :  Adventure Write will choose one winner from each category based on:
1. Suitability for the Adventure Write Kid's website
2. Entertainment and Creativity
3. Spelling, grammar and punctuation

How to Enter :
1. Finish Totem Head's Tutorial.
2. Write a story in 1500 words or less.  Make your story appropriate for kids.  The first sentence should start with "So there I was".
3. Fill out a Contest Entry Form
4. Scan and email your Contest Entry Form
5. Type your story directly into the body of your email, or attach it to your email as a Microsoft Word or a .txt file.   (That's a file created using the Notepad program.)
7. If you prefer, you may send your submission(s) through the mail to:

Adventure Write - Story Contest
P.O. Box 872241
Wasilla AK 99687

Important Tips :
1. Save a stamp!  You may send multiple entries in one envelope.
2. Ask someone to proofread your story for spelling, grammar and punctuation.
3. Get feedback on your story from a friend, parent or teacher before penning your final draft.
4. If you're emailing your entry, make sure you attach your story AND entry form before hitting send.

Mystery and Gothic Fiction Guidelines :
1. Write a story in 1500 words or less.  Make your story appropriate for kids.  The first sentence should start with "So there I was".
2. Stories must be tasteful and contain more mystery or suspense than gore.  Think Twilight Zone, Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock.
3. Think of it as a mysterious adventure story, without the happy ending-an ending with a lesson instead of warm fuzzies.
4. A story will compete in either the age categories OR the gothic fiction category. Not both. Contest judges will determine in which category an entry competes.
5. If the contest judges determine that none of the entries in the gothic fiction category are suitable for The kid's website, we will award no prize for the new category in the current contest year, and we will offer it again in the following contest year.


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