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CUT THESE WORDS INTO MY STONE: Ancient Greek Epitaphs was recently shortlisted for a PEN/America 2014 “Best Book of Poetry in Translation.”
To celebrate that good news, JHU Press, Goodreads, and PEN and are offering an Epitaph Writing Contest and awarding a free copy of CUT THESE WORDS to the Week’s Best Epitaph.
1. Write & send an original epitaph via the discussion thread for this group.
2. JHU Press will send each week’s winner a free copy of my
3. Winner's mailing address must be US or Canada.
1)Epitaphs are short and concise.
2)They convey a strong feeling.
3)Often someone is speaking (a relative, a friend; the deceased).

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Shandy Lawson talks Fiction Locker, a writing website for teens  — Hypable
I can't answer as many of those questions as I'd like, so I thought if I put all of those answers in one place, along with stuff like regular flash fiction contests, writing prompts and featured columns by guest authors, I might be able to create a ..


How do you translate a picture with Chinese writing for free?

actually, I don't know what you mean exactly.
if you wrote something wrong , you can send the right sentence to my mailbox:
I will be very glad to translate for you
By the way, I am Chinese, I came from Beijing. Do you want to be my penfriend? Because I want to study English, and I can teach you Chinese too.

How do you succefully write a picture prompt?

i have an assignment do and forget how to write one

You're probably better off asking your teacher what he/she wants you to write on. A prompt could mean you're supposed to write about what is happening, what the context is of the picture, or how it makes you feel. There are several possibilities, so check with someone in your class or with your teacher to be sure.