Free Writing Contests for Middle school

contestWould you like to be a gurgitator?

Miki Sudo is a speed eater or a gurgitator, someone who eats competitively. According to the August 2014 issue of mental_floss magazine, this petite woman “entered her first food challenge less than three years ago on a whim.”

It took her 33 minutes and 12 seconds to eat “12 pounds of Vietnamese flat noodles and one gallon of liquid.” She won.

Not all of us are cut out to be gurgitators, but we do excel in other things. Or we wish we did.

Now it’s your turn: If you could enter a contest, what contest would you choose? What would be the criteria for winning? How would you get ready for the competition? If you have already won or placed in a competition, describe how you prepared for the event or write the story of your rise to the top.

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