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GLA: How did you become an agent?

KS: After twelve years with Harvest House Publishers—first in the Sales Department then Editorial—I found that the one thing that really got my heart pumping was discovering a first-time author who possessed the raw talent to compete with established authors already in print. My imagination would sprint from “never heard of you” to “published success” in less time that it took to nuke my lunch in the microwave. From manuscript submission to contract, edit to advance copy, I could see it unfolding in my mind’s eye.

As time went on, I was directly involved with the discovery of several new authors for Harvest House who collectively sold upwards of 750, 000 copies, some receiving nominations, awards, and PW star ratings. Becoming an agent seemed the likely progression when a portion of HH’s workforce was laid off in January 2009. I was then free to launch Living Word Literary Agency and step into my dream job.

GLA: How long can the process take from being signed by an agent to receiving a book deal from a publisher?

KS: With layoffs still occurring, there are fewer employees to bear the workload, which includes people who review submissions. This means a longer waiting period for agents and their authors to receive word. It is taking anywhere between three to twelve months to get a definitive answer regarding a project. Patience and faith in your work will serve you well in this uncertain climate of change.

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