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Thank you to all that entered our Flash Fiction competition. We had a fantastic response with entries making us laugh, cry and screw our faces up at the pure grisliness of the story. Some of you have very violent imaginations!

But finally we made our choices and we both agreed that Terry Prince should be the worthy winner.

Winner – Terry Prince

A nudge, a dip in the pocket – the mugs never saw me coming. Until I dipped Mad Ron. Didn’t recognise him. Big mistake. I miss my fingers.

Runners up

Amanda Hyatt

“Please, ” she begged. Over the fence, she handed me her son. Aaron. A guard dragged her to the train. “Aaron? Not anymore, ” I thought.

The poignancy of this one made it a ‘must’ for the runners up list.

RP Singh

A staunch believer in astrology, he was nearly 70 when he discovered his true date of birth. Whose life had he lived so far?

A very clever concept here!

Eileen Clifford

British Institute for Learning and DevelopmentEngagement. Marriage.Hell. Divorce.

A story in just four words - we thought this was very succinct.

Sarah Stuart

FLASH, pain, lost limbs. Fallen mates, laughter stilled; my guilt, my shame. Your brave love, our baby’s cry; my salvation, my survival.

Several of you sent in entries with this theme - which is not surprising with war constantly in the news.

Mary Jones

Turning from the eyes that had wooed her so passionately to her anniversary present, a Hoover, her heart sighed away a million dreams.

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