Fiction Writing Contests in Dallas TX

The Frisco Public Library celebrated writing over the weekend with the winners of its various writing contests.

The big prize goes to the winners of the Henery Press First Chapter Contest. George Goldthwaite and Melissa Lenhardt shared the top prize this year because their entries were so strong that judges couldn’t decide between them. They were tasked with writing up to 10 pages to serve as the first chapter of a novel. Goldthwaite and Lenhardt will each receive a critique of their work from the editors of Henery Press, a local publisher of mystery and suspense books.

In the Flash Fiction contest, which involved writing of 500 words or less, the winners were Erin Szczechowski in first place, Cyndi Gomez in second place and Jason Shipp in third place.

In the poetry contest for students, the winners were grouped by grade category. Among first- through third-graders, the winners were Kathryn Damm, Sophia Gonzalez and Grayson Lee. Among fourth- through sixth-graders, the winners were Saloni Nehra, Morgan Elisabeth Nydam and Diego Paredes. Among seventh- through ninth-graders, the winners were Sarah Kim, Kristyn Manuel and Defne Sevil. Among 10th- through 12th-graders the winners were Sydney Callens, Zainab Viqar and Andrew Wilson.

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How can I learn to speak, read, and write Latin in Dallas, TX?

Hello community, I've recently come upon the beauty of the Latin language and its monumental impact throughout history. I've been trying to read some Latin-to-English side-by-side translations to get a grip on vocabulary, but I'd like to take some courses or procure some instructional books, mainly to learn with a group of people and be instructed on grammar. The only problem is, there are very few places around the metroplex (at least that I've found in my searches) that offer Latin classes.
Can someone please give me some guidance?
Thank you.

The Latinstudy group is the best way to study if you don't have a class to go to, or a teacher.
It's free, a bunch of people learning together, but you will want to borrow or buy the textbook.