Fiction Contests no entry fee

Canadian banknotes falling

Honorable Mentions receive publication and three contributor copies of TLR5.

  • All contest submissions will receive a response by December 30, 2014. Issue 5 will be published by June 2015.
  • Length Requirement: 50 to 750 words. Stories over 750 words may be considered for our regular fiction section. Stories under 50 words will not be considered for publication. Include word count on your submission.
  • Up to three flash fiction pieces may be submitted per writer. Attach each story as a separate Word document.
  • We allow simultaneous submissions, but please contact us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

We welcome submissions from both new and established writers. Please note that current Lindenwood University students and faculty are not eligible to submit work to The Lindenwood Review. (LU alumni are eligible to submit.)

  • For more information about our journal, visit our website. Regular submission guidelines for TLR are available here (fiction, poetry, and personal essay, accepted 7/15/14 - 12/15/14). Writers who enter our contest may also submit work for our regular issue submissions (beginning 7/15) For more information about Lindenwood University's MFA Program, with both in-class and fully online options, visit us here.

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When are online entries for 17 Fiction Contest due?

Does anyone know when online entries for the 2009 Seventeen Magazine Fiction Contest are due?

Supposedly at 11:59 tonight (ET) but for whatever reason no one can get their submissions in anymore. =/ Hope you have better luck than that!

What are some current poetry contests that have a free entry fee?

Allpoetry is a nice site to try your hand at contests. Members post their own contests and usually there are a lot to choose from. The negative is that the grading can be less than professional. But a place to see how you fare against others.