Crested Butte Sandy Writing Contest

More Views. Dark Life: Book 1

Congratulations to the 2009 Sandy Finalists!

Mainstream Adult Fiction
Final Judge, Katherine Nintzel editor at Harper Collins

Kelly Fitzpatrick—Pleasant Lake P.D.
Grace R. Green—Cub Creek
Merrie Wycoff—Shadow of The Sun

Final judge, Adam Wilson, editor at MIRA

Heidi Kuhn—Swarm
Elysia Whisler—Broken Souls
Jean Tara Ownbey—Black Swan

Fantasy/ Science Fiction
Final judge, Cameron McClure, Agent at Donald Maass Agency

Sharon Fisher—Ghost Planet
Brenda Nelson-Davis—Windborne
Kevin Wolf- Broke Heart

Thriller/ Suspense
Final Judge, Alex Logan editor at Grand Central

Judith Cobb Dailey—Working For The Dead Man
Sandra Kerns—Dream Stalker
Geoffrey Saign-Blackhood

Children / Young Adult
Final judge, Kaylan Sdair, editor at Candlewick Press

Deanna Carlyle—Charm School
Beverly J. Esch—Liar
Shonna Slayton—The Last Fairy Godmother

Thank you to Theresa Rizzo, our esteemed Contest Coordinator!

Dear Theresa,

While I'm handing out thanks, I felt it was just plain wrong to leave you out! Thanks so much for all your hard work. This is the second year I've entered this contest. I came close to placing last year, and placed with one of my entries this year. Two of my other entries this year nearly made it, too! This is what I have discovered about The Sandy: Whether the judges gave me compliments or criticism, whether I made the finals or not, there is one consistency throughout: The judges are by far the most professional and courteous I've come across. I get the feeling that these judges really like to read, write, and help other writers. I have entered many contests, and I've placed in quite a few, too - and this contest just beats all for helpfulness, professionalism, and an absence...

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