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I was so proud when Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign asked me to be a special guest judge for their annual Go Orange for No Kid Hungry Essay Contest. More than 1, 600 students around the country entered this year’s contest, which was sponsored by the Sodexo Foundation. Contestants were asked to write a letter to a local or national leader telling them why ending childhood hunger in America is important and encouraging them to take action. We were overwhelmed by the number of incredible letters we received.

As I learn more about the issue of childhood hunger in America, and the fact that one in five kids in the U.S. struggles with hunger, I can’t help but feel frustrated. It’s difficult to understand that in a country full of opportunity, some kids don’t have the food they need to learn and grow. Thankfully, programs exist that are helping to connect kids in need with nutritious food. And after reading these smart, thoughtful essays, I know that we are on our way to ending childhood hunger in America.

Just seeing that young people are committed to issues that affect their schools, communities, peers, and country, motivates me to do my part. Childhood hunger is a solvable problem, and the more of us that raise our voices, the closer we are to a No Kid Hungry reality.

I’m proud of my peers and their interest in taking action. And that’s why I’m so happy to present the winner of this year’s Go Orange for No Kid Hungry Essay Contest, Bret Serbin of Pennsylvania. Please take a minute to read Bret’s winning essay below. Also, please visit to read the second- and third-place winning letters from Anna Huebner and Hanxing Kuang. I hope they leave you as inspired as they did me.

2013 Go Orange for No Kid Hungry Essay Contest Winner: Bret Serbin

A letter to Congressman Keith Rothfus (PA-12)

Dear Congressman Rothfus:

Starvation has come to be known as a disease of French Revolutionaries, Donner Party pioneers, and impoverished third-world citizens. 21st Century America—the land of McDonald’s, all-you-can-eat chicken wings, and widespread obesity—seems to have no place for such a dilemma. Yet in spite of our fast-food consumer culture, hunger has still managed to find a place in the growling bellies of one in five American children. Starving can no longer be cast aside as a trademark of less-fortunate foreigners and members of a bygone era. It is a real, life-threatening pandemic that is plaguing the lives of young Americans, crippling their futures, and plunging the country into an interminable cycle of suffering. It is a rumble in the stomach of young America that demands to be silenced.

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