Essay Contests high school juniors

Iranian Alliances Across Borders (IAAB) is pleased to announce its 2013 Essay Contest as part of IAAB’s 10th Anniversary!

IAAB launched its first essay contest for high school students of Iranian descent in Spring 2006, seeking essays from Iranian American youth that addressed the notion of dual identity. Past judges have included:

  • Maz Jobrani (comedian, actor)
  • Tara Bahrampour (Washington Post journalist)
  • Kamin Mohammadi (novelist, journalist)
  • Shabnam Rezaei (creator of Babak and Friends)
  • Persis Karim (writer, scholar)
Theme - Progress and Solutions in the Iranian Diaspora

Problems, problems, problems. You hear about them in the media. You hear about them from relatives. You hear about them from classmates. But who can come together to solve these problems? IAAB believes that the youth of our community has what it takes to start creating some solutions.

With the entering of the new year, 2013, IAAB Executive Director Mana Kharrazi put forth six New Year’s “resolutions” for the Iranian-American Community:

1. Supporting the large number of Iranian students in the US facing harsh financial constraints and creating organizations to support them.

2. Contributing to local direct service groups that provide social services to impoverished and disadvantaged Iranian Americans, including the new wave of refugees.

3. Volunteering for local organizations working with Iranian refugees and immigrants in detention.

4. Donating to community initiatives (Persian language schools, news publications, community centers, and cultural groups).

5. Creating community spaces that provide transportation for the elderly.

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Essay Contests for middle schools?

Im 13 years old, in the florida area, and im interested in entering some essay contests. Does anyone know of any? I really appreciate it :) thanks

u should practice for the essay if u are on spring break or if ur still in school u should practice then

Essay contest middle school?

i am in middle school 7th grade i would love to enter a writing contest that has a good prize does anyone no of one.

my middle school does not do writting contests but you could talk to the princible about it.