Essay Contests for high school freshman

scholarships-for-high-school-freshmenScholarships for high school freshmen are readily available and students with the interest should not have a problem finding financial aid programs while planning for their future college education. These opportunities exist through a number of venues, but especially in the way of contests and national awards. This is especially the case with regards to essay competitions. These sorts of scholarships for high school freshman are available at the local, regional and national levels depending on which organizations students go through. Several programs also exist within the sciences for students interested in inquiry and scientific interests.

Other scholarships for high school freshmen are available through the arts or community building organizations like the American Legion. What is generally the key with high school scholarships for freshmen, is the development of their young minds. Throughout these programs is a keen interest in helping young high school freshmen to open up to new possibilities and encouraging them to explore their own interests concerning their academic futures. Students who are interested in getting access to scholarships for high school freshmen would be wise to start planning early and to apply to as many programs as possible. As the point of these programs is to help young people prepare for college later in life, every award won will count towards helping them with their financial aid needs when they graduate from high school.

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What are some essay contests for college students (Nationwide)?

I guess you are asking about scholarship opportunities? The best place to start is with your financial aid officer. They have access to many scholarships, and often have subscriptions to websites we do not have access to.
I always recommend the following article to my friends who ask about scholarships. A high school counselor advises on careers, colleges, and financial aid.
Good luck in college!
... I'm just sayin!