Essay Contests for cash prizes

The Shallows by Nicholas Carr

2014 Cupertino Silicon Valley Reads

for Cupertino Adults and Teens (students in grades 9-12)

2 Grand Prizes: $500 each
(1 adult, 1 teen)

2 Second Prizes $300 each
(1 adult, 1 teen)

Essay Contest Question

In 500 words, address the 2014 Silicon Valley Reads book(s) you read and answer the questions:

Is technology changing the way you read and access information? Is that good or bad?

How to Enter the Essay Contest

3 Grand Prizes: $350 each

3 Second Prizes $200 each

Prizes awarded in each of 3 categories: adult, high school, middle school

Poetry Contest Themes

(Choose One or More):

1. Write a poem about reading, writing, poetry, books and how one of these (or more) is made new by the use of technology or in the age of technology

2. Write a poem using technology as part of the process. Use hyperlinks, video, photos or music as part of the poem’s form

Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan3. Write a poem from the point of view of a piece of technology: a phone, a computer, a game, a robot, a television, etc. What does technology think about human nature?

How to Enter the Poetry Contest

2014 Book Selections

The Cupertino Library Foundation is sponsoring the 2014 Cupertino Silicon Valley Reads essay contest featuring two books. These books have been selected for Silicon Valley Reads 2014, the regional program that asks everyone in Santa Clara County to read the same books, at the same time, and talk about them.

Support from The Cupertino Library Foundation

The Cupertino Library Foundation for many years has been the co-sponsor of the Silicon Valley Reads program in Cupertino featuring talks by the authors of the selected books as well as other activities relating to the featured program. For the fifth year, the Foundation is again sponsoring an essay contest open to the Cupertino community with two Grand Prize Winners of $500 each and two Second Place Winners of $300 each. And new this year, a poetry contest sponsored by the Cupertino Library Foundation features prizes awarded in each of three categories: adult, high school, and middle school.

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