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Cat Clerkin

Social Publishing House completes its first writing contest

SAN DIEGO – 2 July 2014 – Social Publishing House announces the winners of its first short story writing contest. The following individuals submitted superior stories that won them the top spots.

1st Place – Cat Clerkin

Cat Clerkin, a PhD in Psychology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, wrote mostly academic papers throughout her career. Recently, she has turned to creative writing, most of which point back to her travels abroad.

As a cultural psychologist and leadership scholar, Cat has visited 20 different countries over the last decade including places such as China, Turkey, and Taiwan. Her submission for the contest Next Life tells a story of an Australian traveler she met along her journey backpacking across Mongolia.

Captain Matt Stuhler“It is still one of the most surreal experiences of my life to be traveling through such a foreign place and meet a stranger who feels so much like home, ” Clerkin says.

Her excellent ability at description evoked a strong response from all the judges who unanimously voted her as the top spot for the contest. You can learn more about Cat in her blog post, a video interview she had with the CEO of SPH, and through the contest page. You are also welcome to read her submission here.

Due to her excellent writing ability, Cat was invited by Social Publishing House to be part of their exclusive writing community to help get her ready to publish.

2nd Place – Matt Stuhler

Matt’s submission, Building 42, is a rendition of one of the first chapters of a working memoir. It follows him and his platoon as they take fire from an enemy position while preparing to take a series of buildings. The story is gritty and vivid with details of the desert heat, calm confidence, and slight sadistic military humor.

“I have been writing short stories recalling and detailing the events of multiple deployments to Southern Afghanistan as an Infantry Marine, ” Matt says. “The pressure and hell that overwhelmed us every day makes a great subject to write about, therefore I have been writing whenever I have spare time. ”

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