Creative Writing Contests for students

Creative Writing logoIs a future Pulitzer Prize winner sitting quietly in our region? Wouldn't it be a shame if they didn't have an opportunity to shine?

This program was established as a partnership between SMSU's Creative Writing Department and the SW/WC Service Cooperative to encourage a love of language and writing for all students and as a way to recognize the talented young writers in southwest and west central Minnesota. There will be an "open" theme for this year's contest.

We welcome students in grades 3-12; Regular Ed, Students With Special Needs, Gifted & Talented, Home School, etc. They can enter the contest through a classroom assignment or on their own.

This contest is available for students in Regions 6 & 8

Submission Deadline:entries will be accepted after the deadline

To use and email the submission form: open the form, click File then Save As and save to your computer, fill out the form by tabbing through the gray boxes and then send as an attachment in an email or print and fax or mail with payment

The guest speaker this year will be Christine Stewart-Nunez, author of five books, who teaches at South Dakota State University in Brooking

By registering and participating in this event you are releasing the use of your likeness to SW/WC Service Cooperative. This includes, but is not limited to, audio/video recordings and photographs that are taken during the event, which may be used in both print and digital formats. If we wish to include identifying information with your likeness, individual permission will be requested.

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