Creative Writing Contests for Kids

Creative Writing Ideas for KidsAre you interested in exploring creative writing online? There are many websites available to help you get started. You may also want to establish your own blog to showcase your creative writing.

Many websites and forums offer a creative writing prompt to help you get started writing. It can be fun to see your story online and to see how differently other kids responded to the same prompt. Who knew our minds could go in so many different directions?

Be safe and check with your parents before writing online. You may want to set up your own blog for your creative writing. You can create a blog where only family and friends have access, if you like. It’s fun to add photos and graphics to your blog to enhance your creative writing. You may want to use a photo as a prompt sometimes.

Play creative writing games

You can play creative writing games. Look around your house for two objects and pretend they have suddenly come alive. Write a story about the activities of the objects. (This brings to mind the candlestick and clock in “Beauty and the Beast”, the animated film!) You can also start a creative story and send your first sentence to a writing buddy. Send each sentence on and include three or four kids. See what a funny story you have at the end.

Join writing contests

Creative writing contests are also fun. Look for companies with a strong reputation, such as Scholastic, to sponsor the contest. Sometimes the contest will give you a writing prompt. You may win a prize or a small amount of cash and you get some recognition. Everyone likes that, don’t they?

Discover different software

Creative writing software for kids exists to help improve writing skills. This can be purchased as a CD-ROM or can be downloaded over the Internet. If you are serious about writing, this could be on your birthday/Christmas list, whichever comes first. Some of the software even helps in creating graphics for stories and designing book covers.

Here is an example of one - Story Wizard – Creative Writing Software for Kids.

Become a blogger

Start your own creative writing blog. If you run out of writing ideas, check out some kids’ creative writing websites for story prompts and ideas. All types of creative writing are popular. You can try different styles of poetry, short stories, reactions to news events, movie reviews, and more. The sky is the limit when it comes to creative writing. Grab a prompt and get started.

Books to help kids with creative writing process
Complete Writing Lessons for the Middle Grades (Kids’ Stuff)
Kids Write!: Fantasy & Sci Fi, Mystery, Autobiography, Adventure & More! (Williamson Kids Can! Series)
Seize the Story: A Handbook for Teens Who Like to Write
The Teen-Centered Writing Club: Bringing Teens and Words Together

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