Creative Writing Contest Entries

Congratulations to the 2013 Rebecca T. Watson Creative Writing Awards Contest Winners! Pictured from left to right are Amber Power, Corey Wood, Bethany Pitchford, Ashley Cross and Kelsea Rice.

Entry period for the 2014 Rebecca T. Watson Creative Writing Contest is now closed. .

Midland College began its Creative Writing Contest in 1975. The contest was given a new name in honor of Professor Rebecca T. Watson, who retired from Midland College’s English Department last spring. Ms. Watson judged the first contest when she was an adjunct instructor, and then she guided the contest to maturity over many years of teaching creative writing classes and directing the contest. The English Department is grateful for her years of dedicated service.

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The contest accepts entries in three categories: poetry, short fiction, and essay. Contestants may submit a maximum of 3 fiction pieces, 3 essays, and/or 3 poems (three of each category).


Any full-time or part-time student registered in English classes at Midland College at any time since September 1, 2012 is eligible to compete. Any past first-place winner is eligible only in a category in which that student has not previously won.


All the judges are published writers FROM THE COMMUNITY, STATE AND/OR REGION, and/or teachers of writing from colleges or universities other than Midland College.


First place: $150 and Certificate of Award
Second Place: $100 and Certificate of Award
Third Place: $75 and Certificate of Award
Honorable Mention: Certificate of Award
Note: Midland College reserves the right to withhold awards if entries in a category are lacking in sufficient quality.

Awards Celebration

The REBECCA T. WATSON CREATIVE WRITING CONTEST Awards Celebration will be held Wednesday, March 5, 2014, at noon in the McCORMICK GALLERY at the Allison Fine Arts Building. Winners will not be notified in advance. Contestants are asked to attend the awards ceremony, TO PRESENT THEIR WORKS AND RECEIVE THEIR AWARDS AND PRIZES, except in extenuating circumstances.

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Are there any creative writing contests for high school students? Especially, with no entry fee?

Oh, and the prize has to be at least $250. :) It can't be a poetry contest, sorry.
Thanks! :)

look around this site, there is a contest going. I can't remember what the prize is, but lok around, it might be money. it ends on the 14 feb (valentines day). it is for all ages, but you have to read the rules and do what it says. here is the site and list of rules: