Childrens Creative Writing Contest

PBSKids.writercontest.image001Many of you know that I am a children’s picture book author. I can even claim that I am an award-winning author as my first two books, Penelope the Purple Pirate and Gerry the Giraffe have both won awards. I mention this is because many people assume I majored in English since I write children’s books or in Journalism since I founded and write daily for dandelion moms. I actually studied Business Administration and Health Science in college and went on to study Human Nutrition at The University of Bridgeport. The reason I am writing about this is because I think it is important to stress that if you have a dream of writing a book – whether it is a Memoir, children’s picture books, or the next hottest Young Adult or Romance novel – you just have to have a dream, do your homework and take the necessary steps to make it become a reality. That is the message I tell the elementary students when I do school readings and what I stress on my author website to aspiring writers. There are so many ways to make your dream of becoming an author of a published book – just keep the dream alive and go for it! And don’t listen to the naysayers – it is your dream!

PBS Kids Writers Contest Encourages Creative Writing in Children:

Tonight, I am happy to be cohosting the PBS Kids Writers Contest Twitter Party that starts at 6pm PST. Join us as we talk about activities to get kids excited about creative writing for the PBS KIDS Writers Contest and throughout the year.